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Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate it, and hey, even if you don’t… it never hurts to take some time to count one’s blessings. Especially this year, when the dominance of inconvenient and scary makes us forget all the good, rather than throwing it into sharp relief.

This week, we’re especially thankful for:

family and friends, near and far.



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The weather is confusing at the best of times, but when it’s t-shirt hot on the Friday after Thanksgiving, then snowing as it is today in the Cumberland Mountains, it can feel discombobulating. Which often requires some recombobulation. Which is a great word.

Snow Days are not something that featured heavily [at all] in Faris’ UK childhood but thanks to cultural imperialism the rest of the world that didn’t suffer sudden drifts still appreciate the appeal. A regular day in which you wake up, expecting school {or work} as usual and then you look outside and see white.

SNOW DAY! Mother Nature occasionally overwhelms human infrastructure, and we lucky humans can get a day off.

When the pandemic started, at the very beginning… when all of our work for the year suddenly evaporated and we couldn’t travel anywhere… it felt weirdly like a snow day. The problem, we all discovered, is that we can’t live like ‘every day is snow day’ life, just like we can’t eat like it’s Thanksgiving every day, without feeling terrible. However you relax, or indulge, your body knows you can’t do it all the time without serious side effects. Worse, it’s hard to enjoy the relaxation if you don’t feel like you have somehow earned it. And if you aren’t enjoying fun then what’s the point.

Now it’s now, and it’s snowing, - it’s a snow day! Our little nephew is sitting to the right of us doing his daily zooms, we’re doing ours, and we asked Vera, our niece, what to write about and she said “it’s snowing!”

And it suddenly occurred to us {especially Faris, who never had a snow day growing up} that in the zoomworld there will never be a snow day again.

Or perhaps some enterprising young startup will give employees snow days, to give them a sense of normalcy, or a much-needed break, or even just an excuse to play outside. It seems unlikely considering how much offices tend to prefer their employees working billable hours, but hey, you never know - and even if we get some mental health/duvet/snow days - they won’t be dictated to all of us by the universe and thus won’t feel the same. Like….A SNOW DAY!


{Was it JWT? They invented Mr Kipling’s cakes … ;-)}

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