Strands of Genius: OneLook, The Pink Lemonade, Digital Therapeutics

Guest curated by Ilyssa Berger Wilson

This year we’re aiming to highlight 50 creative thinkers that have inspired us, by giving them the opportunity to guest curate this newsletter, Strands of Genius. Ilyssa is the SVP, Associate Creative Director at Patients & Purpose.


LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Patients & Purpose

When Ashley asked me to be a guest curator several months ago, I asked her if my turn could wait until October. You see, I work in healthcare advertising, and I had only just started working on a pro-bono project that I'm super excited about. There was no way I could possibly write about myself without sharing my passion project with you.

Sure, I could have told you that I used to sing in performances at shopping malls. I could have mentioned my love for cardio dance fitness, even though I have no talent. But why embarrass myself?

So instead, I waited. I waited until the campaign launched, and I could finally talk about it! The #PowerAPeriod campaign aims to educate people that period poverty (the lack of access to menstrual supplies) is happening in our backyards while raising funds for 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. Check it out at

Editor’s Note (Rosie): Ilyssa and I went to high school together back in the day — Shout out to our alma mater University School of Nashville, where Jad Abumrad, host of Radiolab also went to school! I’m so happy to have her guest curating today and thrilled to learn about the work she’s doing to help end period poverty. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the #PowerAPeriod campaign. Thanks so much for sharing today, Ilyssa! Hope our paths cross again soon!

:: THE LINKS :: 

  • When I am working with my art partner trying to come up with our next big idea, I never know what inspiration may spark something. The Pink Lemonade is one of my favorite places to look for that inspo. The art they share is visual and thought-provoking. Plus it's from all different artists, who you can then follow and go down the rabbit hole. Follow them for a little creative inspiration. (Instagram)


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:: Game :: Bananagrams

:: City :: Queenstown, NZ

:: Book :: The Husband's Secret

:: MAIZEY ::

Ilyssa's dog, Maizey. Because who doesn't love a puppy pic?

Nice meeting y'all!

Ilyssa Berger Wilson


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