Strands of Genius: Profanity Saves Instagram Forgotten App, Zoom Scavenger Hunt, Dance Ninjas with Fancy Coats

Guest curated by Jason Keath

This year we’re aiming to highlight 50 creative thinkers that have inspired us, by giving them the opportunity to guest curate this newsletter, Strands of Genius. Faris and Rosie met Jason when they were all living in NYC, and have stayed in touch ever since.


LOCATION: Charlotte, NC

It was the week after one of our Social Fresh conferences a few years ago when my partner, Nicole, and I decided to escape to Disney World with a few friends. On one of the last nights, Rosie and Faris joined us in an all out assault on Epcot to “Drink Around the World.” We started with strong margaritas in Mexico. 10 countries later we had a very blurry dinner in Japan and MAY have stopped in at the UK pub before calling it a night. It’s very easy to miss IRL adventures like those today.

We’ve been forced to accept many challenges this year, like most of you. Our next social media conference is a couple weeks away, and we continue to learn a ton about how to make a virtual event more valuable. We’ve learned a lot about how to optimize networking and how reimagine the things you just can’t replicate. The biggest lesson is that people still crave these group experiences. We still need to learn, connect, and get ideas. Together.

Our next social media conference is Dec. 8-10, all virtual. Check it out to connect with like minded marketers =)

Editor’s Note (Rosie): We’ve known Jason and his partner Nicole since our NYC days, and they’ve always impressed us with what they put out into the world — whether it’s words of encouragement for friends or the Social Fresh events they curate and host. When people ask us about which events we’re impressed with, Social Fresh is always on the tip of my tongue — I could go on and on about why we loved it so much, but the biggest difference that I can put my finger on is how Jason and his team coach and work with the presenters. It means that the content is always ACE, and you’re left feeling as if the conference organizers cared about the presentations themselves and not having presenters with fancy titles. (Imagine that!) We’re very thankful to count Jason as a friend, and thrilled to have him back as a guest curator.

:: THE LINKS :: 

  • Instagram launched a direct message app called Threads in late 2019 as an extension of its “close friends” feature. The app never did that well, but recently one of its features has been going viral on TikTok. The feature automatically adds well-designed subtitles to your video as you talk. And, it turns out these subtitles replace any profanity with random $#!%^ symbols. Now teenagers can’t stop posting these bleeped out Thread videos to TikTok. In turn, the Threads app is getting a big boost in downloads from a very important demographic. We see this with Snapchat filters a lot as well, where one specific feature or AR lens goes viral and millions of app downloads follow. (Casey Newton)

  • We’re all still living that Zoom life. Adding a game to your Zoom call has been one of the more successful additions for virtual events. We did our first Zoom scavenger during a training event back in June and it was the most fun I’ve had on Zoom since the pandemic began. All you need is a list of weird things for everyone on the call to find in their home. You can have a lot of fun with the items. Make guests find something expired in their pantry or a piece of clothing they’ve never worn. Everyone gets 60 seconds to find each oddity. Chaos ensues. Pro-tip: Enlist someone to help keep score and come up with some fun prizes. Click the link for more ideas (and bonus - that post also links to holiday scavenger hunt suggestions!). (Life Between Weekends)


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:: Game :: Risk, I get a little too serious

:: City :: I ❤️ NYC

:: Book :: Name of the Wind

:: Podcast :: Make Me Smart

:: Album :: The Doors


Faris and Jason at a past Whiskey Weekend, attempting to strike a serious pose.

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When this whole pandemic thing is over, we're definitely all going back to Epcot. I think if we plan it right Rosie and Faris, we can make it all the way from Mexico to Canada. It’s important to have goals. (R&F: Here’s to in-person hangs in 2020!)

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Jason Keath

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