Strands of Genius: Sentiers, The Machine Gaze, Mediacore

Guest curated by Matt Muir

This year we’re aiming to highlight 50 creative thinkers that have inspired us, by giving them the opportunity to guest curate this newsletter, Strands of Genius. Matt is a freelance communication consultant who knows the Internet like you know the face of your children & Faris and he have been internet pals for a long time.


LOCATION: Rome, Italy

I feel like a bit of a fraud doing this, seeing as a) I don't actually work in advertising; and b) I've never physically met Faris or Rosie. I did try and book them to do some training for an agency I worked with last year based on having been impressed by their thinking and smarts for years, but said agency got scared that F&R were basically too clever for them (which, on reflection, was entirely true). Anyhow, I am Matt and I am a Generic Media W@nker (swearing bowdlerised for sensitive firewalls) - nice to meet you!

Editor’s Note (Faris): As Matt said above, we have never met in person. BUT. I have been rather online for a long, long time in and around the creative-industrial-media world, and Matt has been a constant fixture. His voice is unique, bracing and hilarious, he suffers no fools, gives no f***s and spares no polite sensibility in his absurdly prolific curation and commentary of our sometimes very silly world. He is a joy to read, even if his weekly curation newsletter Web Curios (see link at bottom) is, famously, longer than anyone can read. Yet each week there are gems I find nowhere else in all the algo+human curation of the interwebs, with hilarious, interesting and (sometimes/often) scathing words to explain, contextualize and mock them, when. appropriate. For global readers, his is a very particular kind of British voice, sarcastic and insightful, self-deprecating and charming, all balanced like a good cocktail. Enjoy!

Thanks Matt! See you in the streams, let’s cross ours again sometime.

(PS. We aren’t too clever for anyone, but appreciate the sentiment 🥰 - and you definitely don’t need to work in advertising to read or guest curate Strand! Ours is a broad, ecumenical community of creative thinkers, tinkers, dreamers and doers. 😉)

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:: Game :: I recently finished Disco Elysium on PS4 and it is the best hardboiled noir detective novel I have ever played. Honestly, so smart and so well-written.

:: City :: London. Nowhere compares (sorry, temporary home city of Rome)

:: Book :: Impossible question to answer, but my favourite quote from a novel is "There is no excitement like the diminishing uncertainty of mutual physical attraction", from 'Love Remains' by Glen Duncan

:: Podcast :: Life is too short for podcasts.

:: Album :: Eskimo Snow by Why?


BYE! In the unlikely event you ever want to hear my voice again, subscribe to Web Curios!

Matt Muir

web curios

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