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Jan 12 | We’ll return to your inboxes


As has been a tradition of Strands of Genius, we’ll be taking a hiatus over the holidays, and returning to your inboxes on January 12th, 2021. Before we go, we wanted to share some information about our guest curator program.

We set out at the start of this year to spotlight 50 creative thinkers and we got damn close! We’re ending the year having shared perspectives from 44 people we admire, from around the world. For members of The School of Stolen Genius, you’ve got expert interviews with all these individuals available in Podia, and we hope you’ll steal their genius.

Where we excelled:

  • Gender Split | We achieved an almost evenly distributed gender split, with 47% of our guest curators identifying as female.

  • Global Perspectives | 45% of our curators were from outside of the USA.

Where we could do a bit better:

  • BIPOC Representation | 30% of our curators were BIPOC, and we are aiming to increase that number with a partnership with 600 & Rising in 2021.

  • LGBTQ+ Representation | Only 2 of our guest curators identified as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and we’re making recruitment in this area an active initiative for 2021.

If you know someone we should spotlight in 2021, you can nominate them here.

This week, we’re especially thankful for:

all of our guest curators this year!


We had so many great individuals take the stage this year, but here were some of the editions that stood out in our minds:

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It's called Genius Steals because we believe ideas are new combinations and that nothing can come from nothing. But copying is lazy. We believe the best way to innovate is to look at the best of that which came before and combine those elements into new solutions.

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