Sitemap - 2022 - Strands of Genius

Strands of Genius: Actionable Ways Organizations Can Support Asian Employees in Anti-Racism Work, A Challenge to Our Industry From an Invisible Minority, We Belong in the C-suite #BFTP

Strands of Genius: The Detour, Epistemological Disagreements, I Think Therefore I Tweet

Strands of Genius: Design Inspiration: Containers Made out of Soap, Not Plastic, Air Meat is Making Alt-Meat Using Elements Found in the Air, The Most Interesting Thing In Tech

Strands of Genius: How Gratitude Rewrites Your Brain, Gratitude in the Workplace, A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Tradition

Strands of Genius: Nose Breathing VS Mouth Breathing, Panda Sneezing, Q&A Series on my IG Story About Startups......Plus a Flowly giveaway

Strands of Genius: Why Everything Looks The Same, Twitter Poisoning, Workplace Wellbeing

Strands of Genius: Ana Mendieta Should Still Be Alive, Fuck You. Pay Me, Captured Ephemera...Plus a Love & Victory giveaway

Strands of Genius: Relearning How To Internet, Artificial Creativity Landscape, ElonBot

Strands of Genius: No More Expensive Coffee, Unremarkably Average, Possibility and Different Paths ...Plus, an Easy June giveaway

Strands of Genius: A Month of Gratitude (& Giveaways)

Strands of Genius: Culture vs Culture, About Calendarization, City to Citi to CitAI

Strands of Genius: Community Matters, Mental Immunity, The Triumph of Loneliness

Strands of Genius: Comprehensive Resources, The Drama Triangle, The 2022 State of Sexual Harassment Study by The Shift Work Shop

Strands of Genius: The Age of Wisdom, Is Your Organization Inclusive of Deaf Employees, Squids and Street Art

Strands of Genius: Philosopher Faces His Death, HyperNormalization, Impostor Syndrome #BFTP

Strands of Genius: What Was the TED Talk? Music & Memory, Career Identities & Decision Making

Strands of Genius: Why Parents Can’t Have It All, The importance of your SHED, Why I (still) love the US

Strands of Genius: Why American Chips Are Boring, Web3 Needs More Bimbos, No One Is Actually Boiling Chicken in NyQuil

Strands of Genius: Creating Experiences People Remember, "I'll catch you ladder!", How is today?

Strands of Genius: Life After Lifestyle, The "System is Rigged", Theory and Practice of Selling an Aga Cooker

Strands of Genius: What Am I What I Could Be, Genius, The Peril of Averages

Strands of Genius: Squishy Math, Americans Share Their Views on All Things, Fall Reading

Strands of Genius: Rita Moreno + Animal Fever, The Strange Tale of Jim Sullivan's U.F.O., Chicago Sky vs Phoenix Mercury | 2021 WNBA Finals, Game 4

Strands of Genius: Brands, Inflation & The High Cost of Living, Snoop Dogg x Planet Earth, The Originality Myth

Strands of Genius: A Plan is not a Strategy, Jeremy Bullmore's Thoughts About Personalisation, and William Orbit's Musings on Creativity

Strands of Genius: Eating While Politicking, The Waste From Medical Operations, What Comes After Ambition

Strands of Genius: Quantifying Meta Trends, AI Generated Text-To-Image Art is on Fire, Metaverse On Our Minds

Strands of Genius: Friendship, Japandi Style, Serena Williams and Owning Your Narrative

Strands of Genius: How to Be Influenced, What Does "Born in the U.S.A." Really Mean?, On Strategy Showcase

Strands of Genius: What Is Fun, Dan Price & The Social Media Narrative, Silly Little Jobs

Strands of Genius: Emerging Technology for Emerging Nerds, Get to Know Arkansas, When the Cost of Going to Space is Astronomical, Use a Telescope

Strands of Genius: It's OK To Be Wrong, The Insane Cost of Cars, Channeling Stoicism To Help With Anxiety

Strands of Genius: Where is Your Self Worth, The Unsexy is Often the Bigger Winner, Ask Why at Least 5 Times

Strands of Genius: The Advertising-Climate Paradox, Meeting 1000 People, TV Song Selection

Strands of Genius: Smash Books, Queer Astrology, Adventures in Housesitting

Strands of Genius: Attention Culture, Propaganda Posters, How To Find Out How You Are

Strands of Genius: Burnout and Bouncing Back, What Aesthetic Will Define the 2020's, For Sustainable Baddies Only

Strands of Genius: Quantities & Qualities of Attention, The Hidden History of Screen Readers, Why Must We Work So Hard Before Vacation

Strands of Genius: How to Be Creative , Derek Sivers' TED Talk: "How to Start a Movement", How America Fractured into Four Parts

Strands of Genius: Offices Aren't Working, Six Forces of Friendship, Warc Talks Attention Pod

Strands of Genius: Learning Spaces That Work For More People, Cultivating Capacity For Creative Observation, Developing A Practice Of Pausing

Strands of Genius: A Blast From the Past >> 1 Year Ago

Strands of Genius: Taming The Beast, The Power Of Time Off, My Curious Eyes

Strands of Genius: Remix 2.0: How Can We Use Remix To Solve The Attention Problem In Ads?, Steal Like An Artist By Austin Kleon, Renewing Creative Training

Strands of Genius: The Nature of Fame and Attention, What Italy’s B Corps Can Teach Global Business About Community, The Gay History of Camels

Strands of Genius: Have you gotten career crusty?, The dreamiest resource for AAPI visibility, and Research, but make it Ali Wong dope

Strands of Genius: Tip of Your Tongue, What's in a Name, The Abandoned Spaces Online

Strands of Genius: Grow your Good, Behind The B Corp Counter, Big Data vs. Thick Data

Strands of Genius: 5M Payphone Calls Every Year, 5 Creativity Tips (APG), From Retailer to Landlord

Strands of Genius: Decide How to Make Decisions, The 37% Rule, Close the Debate

Strands of Genius: Principle into Practice, Silent Films and Accessibility, Get Creative This Summer

Strands of Genius: Queer Design Count 2019, Nastassia Rambarran: Ize Queer: Naming And Claiming In The Caribbean, What Is Queer Typography By Paul Soulellis

Strands of Genius: Reinventing Sushi, Fast Food Ads vs Reality, Paprika

Strands of Genius: Is Your AI Telling The Truth?, Defunding Disinformation, He’s Making News - For The Future

Strands of Genius: Toxic Nostalgia, America & Freedom, Getting Lucky, Stone Junction + Live&In-Person in London Tmrw!

Strands of Genius: Improving Diversity And Inclusion For People With Disabilities, Disability In The Workplace, Deaf Identity In A Primarily Non-Disabled World

Strands of Genius: Shift Your Vibe, Face The Strange, & Abby Wambach's Graduation Speech

Strands of Genius: Asian American History 101, We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate, Are We Allies? Black Americans Vs Asian Americans | Middle Ground

Strands of Genius: What's the Big Idea, Marvel Changed Movies, Analogies Are Superpowers

Strands of Genius: 6 Non-Binary & Transgender Artists We Love, Alt-Text & Ambiguity: A Poetic Approach To Image Description, Dysfunctional Systems: Why Are We Designing For Addiction?

Strands of Genius: Droga Wants to Kill Advertising, Power, Pointing and Persuasion, USA's Centre of Political Gravity

Strands of Genius: Asians In Advertising, Asian Creative Foundation, Asian Hustle Network

Strands of Genius: Most Execs Admit Greenwashing, Clear Focus, Cognitive Overload

Strands of Genius: Escape Through Music, Creativity As A Weapon, Is Reading Books Morally Superior To Other Media?

Strands of Genius: Mental Immunity, American Women are Not OK, How To Get Lucky

Strands of Genius: Baking in Mr. Mom’s Kitchen, The Industry’s First Lgbtq+ Oganization for Advertising and Marketing, and Inspiring with the Worlds Best Ideas

Strands of Genius: Influencer Marketing & Retouching, Why Community Matters, How The Gap Lost Its Way

Strands of Genius: Join DoubleVerify and Genius Steals to Discover the Power of Attention Measurement

Strands of Genius: Dream Engineering, The Oldest Joke in The World, Life Advice from Chess Hustlers

Strands of Genius: Systemizing Class Equity in an Industry, Redesigning for Inclusion, Around the World on Toast

Strands of Genius: Grief, Podcasts, Pessimism

Strands of Genius: The Bin, Not Another Dissertation, Cindy Gallop on Why There is No Such Thing as Imposter Syndrome

Strands of Genius: Humane Technology, Brief Bros & Pep Talks from Kids

Strands of Genius: Actionable Ways Organizations Can Support Asian Employees in Anti-Racism Work, A Challenge to Our Industry From an Invisible Minority, We Belong in the C-suite

Strands of Genius: Zoom Dysmorphia, Principles of Creative Effectiveness, Better Ways to Be Informed

Strands of Genius: Peace Tech, Peace, Inc. Monsters, Inc.

Strands of Genius: The Obsession with "Getting Ahead", Nationally Representative, Music Elevated by Fans Through Streaming and Social Media

Strands of Genius: Why Are People So Nasty, Enter the House of Dreams, Yes, You Can Fall in Love with Brands

Strands of Genius: Rethinking Labels, The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness, Forbes Grifters

Strands of Genius: Strategy is a Language, Critically Navigating Bullshit, Looking Back for Something New

Strands of Genius: School of Stolen Genius -New, Improved, 50% Discount Codes Available until Tomorrow!

Strands of Genius: Our Faulty Thinking, We've Misunderstood 'Survival of the Fittest', The Hidden Formula Behind Almost Every Joke on Late Night

Strands of Genius: The *NEW & IMPROVED* School of Stolen Genius

Strands of Genius: Mysterious Ways, Philosophy is Creativity, Art is a Mirror

Strands of Genius: Productivity Dismorphia, When Change Upends Your Sense of Self, 3 Questions to Ask About Trends, Money Talks

Strands of Genius: Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up, We Need Courage Not Hope to Face Climate Change, Exploring Your Ancestral Lineage

Strands of Genius: Joe Rogan & Spotify, Wordle, Family Estrangement, The Life & Death of the Mix CD,

Strands of Genius: Reasons for Hope in a Lonely Century, Everything in the World is Not Awful, Seeing Ourselves in Marketing

Strands of Genius: Learned Optimism, New Technology + Old Ways of Living, Ownership in a Digital World

Strands of Genius: The Artist's Way, Deliver Us, Refuge - Where the Wild and the Weird Gather

Strands of Genius: web3, Augmented Creativity, Wordle from Wardle